obvious thought

parking this here for a mo. I’m reading a very popular book that isn’t grabbing me,even after 90+ pages; it makes me feel like a tourist in the main character’s life, which is lovely but not really compelling. I think this is because there aren’t a lot of developed scenes so far, and they aren’t really dependent upon each other except by sheer chronology. There’s a lot of “X hadn’t seen such an X before, but somehow his instincts told him he needed to X just as soon as it was X-ing possible to do so.” (There’s lots of “to do so” diction flooding the story)

The other thing that struck me–and not as a criticism, necessarily–was that the 3rd person narration felt like 1st person, especially in its leisurely exposition. Which leads me to my obvy thought: what is the relationship of 3rd/1st person narration to scene-built fiction?

I know that with my latest novel project I deliberately worked in 3rd because I wanted a scene-built story, but that may be my quirk. I was also turning my back on the most distinctive element of my debut novel, Death Wishing, which was the main character/narrator’s affected voice.